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Early 2016 Rules / Procedures for Club Reps/Coaches/Team Managers:

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 1. All teams must have their game card (three copies) on NCR Paper for their game rosters. Can be found in their team accounts, under events, then Dade Early Season 2016, then schedules. The small .pdf file next to the game number is their game cards for game rosters. New for this season, the game cards will only Print your Team roster along with the pictures of each player on your team roster. This is NOT to be used as your player passes, it is simply another way for the league and referee's to assure the correct players are on the field.

2. All players must be registered, birth verified and have laminated player passes with a current picture of the player along with the club registrar signature on each pass.

3. All coaches must be registered and have laminated coaches cards with a picture and the club registrar signature on each pass.

4. Ref fees: U15 and up $60 each team (60/30/30) is the breakdown.
 U13/14 teams: $50 each team (50/25/25) is the breakdown.

5. All teams must have one copy of their official FYSA roster on hand if any questions should arise on any players or coaches.

6. FIFA rules apply for all games. For games only 18 players can dress and play even if your FYSA roster has 22 players. You must cross off any players over an 18 man roster. If found not crossed off, it will be considered as playing a 19th player or above and you will be fined.

7. U13/14 are 35 minutes halves. U15/16 Divisions are 40 minute halves. U17+ are 45 minute halves.

8. Mercy Rule: Any match in which the goal differential reaches eight (8) after the 2nd half has begun, shall be declared completed at that point. No match can be concluded under this rule prior to the beginning of the 2nd half. At any time in the 2nd half the goal differential reaches eight (8) the match shall be declared completed.

9.  Guest Play:   

  1. 3 guest players from the eligible player pool may be used in any match.   
  2. FYSA registered player may guest "play up" or be dual registered up by division or age but not on another team in the same division.
  3. Dedicated team players from SFUYSA may not guest play on DYSA teams. (Does not apply to Dual rostered players; DYS must be primary.
  4. In combined divisions, an age appropriate guest player may be used during league play. (ie; a U19 player may guest play on a U17 team in a combined U17+(High School) division when playing another U19 coded team only, not when playing another U17 coded team.)
  5. All players playing up more than one year must be approved by FYSA.
  6. Club Pass players clarification. A club pass player still has to be age appropriate to guest play on a DYS team. They cannot be rostered to a SFU team and then guest play on a DYS team. They have to be playing up (ex. A club pass recreational player can play up to an age appropriate and competition level team) but a D2 or competitive player cannot play down on a D3 player even as a Club Pass player. A club pass player cannot play in two games on the same day unless for the same team. A Club pass player playing cannot play back and forth between SFU or FSPL teams to a DYS team unless in a D1 division or in the case of combined division levels playing another D1 team.

10. Coaches are responsible for their spectators from their teams. ONLY rostered coaches and rostered players are allowed on the team side/bench. If a spectator from your team is out of control and asked to leave and refuses, the coach will be asked to leave and/or the game will be stopped.

11. All clubs MUST have a field marshal on the field during ALL games and it cannot be someone from the team playing at that time.

12. Forfeit Games: Any team who does not show up for their game will pay both teams referee fees and $250.00 fine. The team that does show must pay the referee fees for both teams. The league will NOT reimburse any Referee personally. The league will only reimburse the club that had to pay the referee fees in place of the missing team.

13. Games cannot be changed after Wednesday prior to the game date posted on the schedule.

14. To change a game when absolutely needed, you MUST contact the opposing team and work out a new date and time. Home team MUST contact their director to find out what dates are available on their fields. Once a new date and time has been worked out, the club director (ONLY) not the coaches MUST email the league at ( with both clubs approval on an email along with the Game #, Date, who vs who, etc from the schedule. And put in the game change request into the Schedule system. The opposing team Must "accept" the game change by the Home Team Club rep.

15. Club directors or Rep for the club are the only ones to contact the league, NOT coaches/team managers/parents, etc. for any issues.

16. Red Card reports MUST be emailed in to ( within 48 hours of the game, by both teams. Referees MUST send in their supplemental reports within 48 hours of the game. Any violation of this rule will result in a fine of $50.00 to both teams. Game rosters MUST be with the supplemental reports.

17. Any Rule not mention in the above rules, refer to FYSA rules for guidance. DYS abides and follows all FYSA Rules.

Club Reps please make sure that your teams have the items above before attending their first match. Also some of the team accounts are showing "not registered". Please make sure that the team has been generated in your club account on the "registrar" side and in the team account you have listed the level "competitive" in the proper box.







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